Saturday, August 23, 2008

What's Paris Up To These Days Anyway?

The following emails are all currently in my GMail spam folder (edited to make the list a bit more family friendly).
  • Lawson Westberg » Paris Hilton Lands Leading Role in New Broadway Musical Production‎ - Watch now 5:59 pm

  • Dick Corron » Paris Hiltons P***y goes hungry whilst she is in custody!‎ - WATCH VIDEO CLIP 4:54 pm

  • matilde Tokos » Prince Harry Proposes to Paris Hilton‎ - PLAY VIDEO CLIP 2:57 pm

  • hjalmar Hemmi » Paris Hilton Leaves Michael Jackson for Editor of an Internet Spoof Rag!‎ - Download and Watch 8:14 am

  • Mels Kong » Paris Hilton Pregnant By Aliens‎ - Watch the clip 5:16 am

  • kazimierz domer » Paris Hilton: Professor Maxwell showed me his p***s during dinner! Gross!‎ - PUSH TO WATCH 3:51 am

  • Ivy grieve » Paris Hilton breaks down after friend tells her she's an 'a*****e'!‎ - PUSH TO WATCH 2:52 am

  • kanber beaune » Paris Hilton Wins Pulitzer Prize‎ - Watch the clip Aug 22

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Anonymous said...

I loved this post and laughed a lot! ~Pam R. (I know I am using anonymous and signed my name -- it's just the easiest way to leave a comment)