Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why I've come to like Twitter more than Facebook

I keep seeing Facebook messages from all these 30-somethings I know who are all mad at Twitter for some reason (well, not just for "some reason" but because not knowing how to use Twitter makes them feel old and they've hit an age where they no longer have the time and energy to keep up for the sake of keeping up). I like Twitter a lot better, although some Facebook lovers may not like my reasons:

Twitter, is 90% of what I like about Facebook and none of what I hate. I like seeing pictures of people and Twitter kind of does that but not as well. The main thing I like about Facebook is the status updates and Twitter is basically dedicated to that. I find that people's status updates, even if mundane, kind of tell you what they're really up to or what's really going on in their life. It's not just that someone's kid had a birthday, it's "man I'm totally wiped after 15 6 year olds were over for X's birthday." That's content. The rest of Facebook is, to me, utter crap: (A) I already have an email address, thank you, and I don't need another one. (B) I couldn't care less what animal, rock star, Teletubbie, or mesozoic-era dinosaur some ridiculous quiz says you are. That tells me nothing about you. (C) I don't want to join your cause, bite your vampires, or share my personal information with some random application developer who's probably selling it (my personal information) to Russian identity-thieving mobsters just so you can remember my f'ing birthday. Buy an organizer.

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Erin said...

I don't get the quizzes...I can't decide which itch they scratch in people's psyches. Is it that people's skills at introspection are really so poor that they need Facebook quizzes in order to understand themselves? Or is it just that people are thrilled to focus on themselves, at any time, for whatever reason?