Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome O' Reilly! (?) (or, a shameless plug for myself)

So I love O'Reilly Media and its founder Bill O'Reilly. Even though I'm a lawyer who works on consumer credit, not technology, I buy a lot of O'Reilly books and have even considered subscribing to their online library called Safari.
So it was with great hope and excitement that I read about their new program to provide books and videos to bloggers in exchange for reviews (good or bad-this appears to be just like the review copies publishers routinely hand out to newspapers and other reviews and not like a sleazy campaign to get good bbog PR by giving free swag to bloggers).
I applied and hope they pick me despite a dearth of tech related stuff on my blog. In case they're looking I'd point to my reviews of Rework, Making Ideas Happen and my post about Anathem.
If I get picked you'll definitely see more tech on the blog!


I'm in!  First up is The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun!

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